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Marie Dolfi, LCSW                                            
Specializing in Adoption Counseling, Home Studies and Education        518-281-8884     
Marie does presentations on a variety of pre & post adoption related topics for professionals, adopted individuals, adoptive families, prospective adoptive parents, and birth/first parents. Below is a list of training programs that Marie offers. Through a partnership with NYS National Association of Social Workers, Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) are available for social workers attending programs when programs are certified in advance. If you would like Marie to speak to your organization on a topic that is not listed below feel free to call her to discuss your program needs. What to learn about future trainings? Email Marie at and ask to have your email added to the list for upcoming programs.

Programs for Professionals & Graduate Students
Introduction to Working with Adoption Triad Members
Core Issues of Adoption As A Normative Response to Relinquishment & Adoption
Identity Issues for Adopted Individuals, Adoptive Parents & Birth/First Parents
Home Study Preparer Training for NYS Domestic Private Adoptions
Group Work with Adoption Triad Members
Introduction to Family Therapy for Adoptive Families
Adoption Sensitive Assessment for Adoption Triad Members
Adoption Search & Reunion – A Clinical Perspective
Adoption & the Schools

Programs for Adoption Triad Members & General Public
The Core Issues of Adoption as a Normative Response to Adoption
Introduction to Parenting the Hurt Child
Helpful Hints from Adopted Teens to their Adoptive Parents
Adoption & the Schools
Social Media, The Internet & Adoptive Relationships
Responding to Unnecessary Comments with Education & Humor 
Adoption: Where Do I Start?
Talking to Children About Their Stories & Adoption
Starting a Support Group & Keeping a Support Group Strong 

Call Marie at (518) 281-8884 
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for your group.

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