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Marie Dolfi, LCSW                                            
Specializing in Adoption Counseling, Home Studies and Education        518-281-8884     
Pre and Post Adoption Counseling

Counseling services are available for individuals, couples and families whose lives have been touched by adoption and those considering building their family by adoption. Marie understands that adoption can be an emotional and complicated journey and guidance and support can be helpful. Some topics that have been discussed in counseling include loss, grief, search and reunion, identity issues, improving attachments, managing open adoption relationships, transracial adoption, post adoption depression, and how to explain difficult stories to adopted children. Counseling sessions include Marie working with clients to clarify problem areas and the goals they hope to achieve. 

For information on adoption 
issues visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway website.
Adoptive families can find information on adoptive family issues at the Adoptive Families Magazine website
Counseling Services and Adoption Home Studies
The private practice of Marie Dolfi, LCSW is designed to serve the counseling needs of adoptees (children, teens & adults), adoptive families, adoptive parents, birth/first parents, and individuals who are considering adopting a child. Marie offers a variety of counseling and educational services that are individualized to meet the needs of her clients. Both short term consultations and long term counseling are available. For information on fees (include sliding scale fees) and insurance plans (in-network & out-of-network) please call Marie at (518) 281-8884.

Services for Prospective Adoptive Parents

How to Adopt a Child Information Sessions  
are available to discuss the many ways to build a family  by adoption. Sessions are customized to meet each client’s informational needs, interests, and concerns. For more information visit the 
How to Adopt Information 
 page of this website.
How to Adopt Information Session Brochure

Home Studies
Home studies are available for private placement (non-agency) and domestic agency adoptions. For more information on the basics of home studies, questions asked in home studies and the benefits of having Marie conduct your home study visit the home study page of this website.

Post Placement Reports 
Post placement visits and reports are available for agency and private placement adoptions. Marie will come to your home for the interview(s) and file the report with the agency or courts so your adoption can be finalized.
The private practice of Marie Dolfi, LCSW is not structured to provide crisis counseling or clinical services to individuals with severe mental health issues.

As an independent social worker Marie
 does not offer child placement services.

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