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How to Adopt a Child Information Sessions
Information sessions are available for individuals who want to know how to adopt in today's world. The practice of adoption has greatly changed over the years and information sessions can be very helpful for those just starting to think about adoption. How to adopt a child information sessions are customized to meet each client's interests and needs. During how to adopt sessions prospective adoptive parents are provided handouts of questions to interview agencies and lawyers on their services to help prospective adoptive parents determine the best services provider for their personal situation. Each handout has over 20 questions to ask adoption providers and are customized for foster care adoption, international adoption, domestic private adoption and domestic private placement adoption. 
Topics Clients Have Discussed in Information Sessions

The adoption process for domestic private agency, domestic private placement (independent), international and foster care adoption
How to find an adoption professional that best meets your personal situation
Costs to adopt a child
Information on the Adoption Tax Credit 
Transracial adoption issues
Open adoption practices and post adoption contact agreements
Top sending countries of international adoption
How to decrease the likelihood of an adoption falling through

With knowledge provided in appointments prospective adoptive parents will feel empowered to move ahead with their plans for adoption.  

To learn about the home study process visit Marie’s home study page.

Marie's How to Adopt a Child Handouts 

Chart Different Ways to Adopt
Glossary of Adoption Terms
Openness in Adoption Handout
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