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Marie Dolfi, LCSW                                            
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Adoption Competent Therapist: The Benefits of Working with a Therapist Trained in Adoption Issues
Adoption Articles, Handouts, & Testimony
The majority of social work and psychology graduate programs do not include clinical training on the impact of relinquishment and adoption on adoption constellation members – birth/first parents, individuals who were adopted, adoptive parents and their relatives. This lack of clinical training often puts otherwise knowledgeable clinicians to believe no additional training is needed to work with this population. The situation gets worse when clinicians believe some of the misinformation society has promoted on adoption resulting in some bad advice to adoption constellation members. To read the entire article click here
This webpage has articles on adoption issues, handouts used in workshops, and advocacy documents written by Marie. While the documents are not copyrighted, Marie requests that you not use the documents for public use without her permission (all rights reserved). Please feel free to contact Marie on any of these topics.
Human Services Budget Hearing Testimony - Marie Dolfi 2015
Marie was fortunate to present to the NY Human Services Budget Hearing on the need for Post Adoption ServicesClick here to read Marie's Human Service Budget Hearing testimony. 
Core Issues of Adoption Updated
While it is common today for adoption training programs to present the core issues of adoption (loss, rejection, guilt/shame, grief, identity, intimacy, mastery/control) as the main tenet of adoption issues this was not always the case. Kaplan and Silverstein were the first to provide a paradigm for the adoption experience for the adoptee, birth parent and adoptive parent and coined the term the “core issues” of adoption. To read Marie's article on the core issues of adoption updated click here. 
Insensitive Adoption Comments
Adoptees and adoptive families are often confronted with insensitive adoption comments either due to a person’s lack of education on adoption or an individual’s purposeful intent to insult an adoption constellation member. This handout was written by Marie to help adoptees and adoptive families learn possible responses to insensitive adoption comments. Insensitive Adoption Comments Handout
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Disclaimer: While it is Marie’s hope that you find the information in her website useful and informative please note- the information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. To read the entire disclaimer click here.

Adoption Search, Reunion & Counseling

The reasons an individual chooses to search for information about their relatives and decide to have a reunion are often based upon an individual’s personality and life experiences. Some individuals are looking for answers and not a relationship. Others want an opportunity to explain the reasons for relinquishment or an opportunity to share how their life has been to their birth parent. Some are hoping for a relationship that was unavailable to them years ago. No matter what the reason someone reaches out to have a reunion, most individuals will share that it one of the most emotional life experiences that they have ever experienced and support was key for helping them with the emotions that come with a search and reunion. To read more visit Marie's page Adoption Search, Reunion & Counseling 
Adoption Home Study Standards

Unfortunately adoption home study regulations do not set adequate standards for the home study process to screen prospective adoptive parents and prepare prospective adoptive parents for adoptive parenting. This sets the stage for some adoptive parents to be ill informed on adoption issues and can lead to adoption dissolutions, adoption disruptions and families struggling. In a recent blog for the Donaldson Adoption Institute, Marie discusses the current problems with current home study regulations and makes suggestions for improved regulations that are in the best interest of children and families. To see a full list of Marie’s recommendations on home study regulations read the handout Marie provided for her talk The Case for Improved National Home Study Standards that was present at the 9th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference on
June 10, 2016.